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RoManager is a free, feature-rich Discord bot that allows you to manage your Roblox groups and games.

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Why should I use RoManager over other bots?#

Completely free#

All features are completely free to use

Ease of use#

We made RoManager as easy to use as possible; setting up only takes 5 minutes, and every command guides you with prompts. If you need any additional help, have any questions or concerns, or want to keep up on updates to RoManager, join the support server.

Feature rich#

RoManager has many features; you can see a full feature list below.

Open source#

We plan to go fully open-source by mid-2021, and we've already open-sourced some components of RoManager.

Feature List#

Group Management#

  • Role group members
  • Exile group members
  • Change the group shout
  • Accept/deny join requests


  • Forward Audit Logs to a channel
  • Log Join Requests in a channel
  • Log new group sales in a channel
  • Log Team Create sessions in a channel

Game Integration#

  • Kick players
  • Ban players
  • Shutdown the game
  • Send announcements
  • Create plugins to do whatever you'd like


  • View Roblox profiles
  • View DevForum profiles
  • View Roblox groups